RC4WD 1/14 Lowboy Trailer

RC4WD 1/14 Lowboy Trailer

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RC4WD 1/14 Lowboy Trailer


This new 1/14 Lowboy Trailer is CNC machined and ready to take just about any heavy load you can throw at it. 



  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Manually Detachable Gooseneck
  • Additional Width Option
  • 12mm Hex (Replaceable Wheels)
  • LED Pockets to allow for Lighting
  • Works With Tamiya Tractor Semi Truck Coupler
  • Length: 47.5in / 1205mm
  • Width: 7.2in / 183mm
  • Installation Side Board Width: 8.9in / 225.9mm
  • Weight: 250oz / 7100g
  • Designed with help by Joe from SemiJoe's Truck Stop

What's Included:

  • 1x RC4WD 1/14 Lowboy Trailer
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